Around the house* Remove cat hair quickly. Use a damp...


November 09, 1991

Around the house

* Remove cat hair quickly. Use a damp sponge or squeegee to pick up fur from furniture, hard-to-reach niches and baseboards.

* Use a pizza cutter to run over slices of onions whenever you need finely chopped onions for recipes.

* If baby has wet the mattress, use baking soda to soak up moisture. First, blot stain with a thick towel. Apply baking soda over wet area and allow to sit until dry. Brush off soda.

* Check smoke alarm once a month. Light a match, extinguish flame and hold smoldering match beneath detector. Alarm will ++ be activated if in good working order.

In the garden

* Mark bulb plantings with plant labels. This will prevent accidental digging into bulbs while they are dormant. Place chicken wire over the bed to keep squirrels from digging up bulbs.

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