RB Mayes wants to un-retire bHC

November 08, 1991

Former New Orleans Saints running back Rueben Mayes has told team officials he wants to come out of retirement and play again.

Agent Bob Evans of Seattle called Saints official on Wednesday to inform him of Mayes' plans to play again for the 1992 season.

General manager Jim Finks said he would be glad to talk to Mayes about next year. Under NFL rules, Mayes is ineligible to play for the rest of 1991 because he is on injured reserved.

Mayes, attending undergraduate classes at Washington State, said he does not necessarily want to play for the Saints. But because of restricted player movement in the NFL, his options appear to be limited.

* DOLPHINS: Reggie Roby, the second-leading punter in the NFL, reportedly became the richest one with a five-year contract worth as much as $2.55 million.

Roby's agent, Scott Alan Salomon, and Dolphins chief negotiator Charley Winner agreed to the contract extension Wednesday for the nine-year veteran, and the team announced the signing yesterday.

"I'm pleased we were able to get Reggie signed as early as we did," said Winner, whose team has a policy against releasing contract terms. "Reggie's new contract places him among the top punters in the league in terms of base salary."

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