Bankruptcy auction to include Arabian horses

November 08, 1991|By Meredith Schlow | Meredith Schlow,Evening Sun Staff B

Though Paul R. Cooper has prepared and held thousands of auctions over the past few years, tomorrow's sale at Indian Lake Farm in Upperco will be a new experience for him.

He will be auctioning off eight Arabian horses as part of a bankruptcy sale of the assets of Silver Run Farm.

Cooper said that Linda Smith, the owner of Silver Run, is upset at the prospect of selling her horses and does not plan to attend the auction.

"They're like her pets," he said.

"We don't usually sell anything that's living," said Cooper, 34, vice president of Alex Cooper Auctioneers Inc. "We usually sell inanimate objects like antiques or real estate."

Cooper said the most difficult part of auctioning the horses has been finding appropriate publications in which to advertise. Besides placing ads in local papers, the auction firm placed an TC ad in the Arabian Horse Times, a monthly publication. Because Arabian breeders and owners are loyal to the breed, Cooper expected word of mouth to attract interested buyers as well.

"A number of years back, the Arabians were very desirable and the markets went up considerably," Cooper said. Though the prices have remained high, Cooper says, admirers of Arabians continue to purchase and breed them.

The eight horses, two of which were sired by a national champion, have been used primarily for breeding, Cooper says, and have not been shown or ridden.

Starting at noon, five mares and three stallions will be up for auction at the farm at 5616 Emory Road (Rt. 91). The horses range in age from 3 to 10.

Though Cooper said he was uncertain of the horses' value, he estimated that the animals with better-known bloodlines could bring in more than $1,000 each.

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