Bruce Willis is trying to regain box-office clout with new film

November 08, 1991|By Steven Rea | Steven Rea,Knight-Ridder

Bruce Willis, who not long ago said he was going to take a year off from the film business, has changed his mind. With a string of super-expensive disasters behind him ("Hudson Hawk," "The Bonfire of the Vanities"), his new film ("Billy Bathgate," in which he plays Bo Weinberg) plagued with problems from the start, and his Dec. 13 release ("The Last Boy Scout") getting not-so-great word-of-mouth, Willis will try to redeem himself and his box-office clout with a black comedy from director Robert Zemeckis ("Who Framed Roger Rabbit").

In "Death Becomes Her," to begin

production next month in Los Angeles, the smirky actor plays a plastic surgeon caught between the two vain women in his life -- Meryl Streep as a beauty-tips author, and Goldie Hawn as his over-the-hill actress wife.


Rock impresario Bill Graham, who died Oct. 25 in a helicopter crash, can be seen in the trailers for "Bugsy" -- the Warren Beatty/Annette Bening gangster epic. The rugged-looking Graham, who made occasional forays into feature films (he was a sleazy promoter in "Apocalypse Now"), plays Lucky Luciano in Barry Levinson's Dec. 20 release

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