Winning campaign messages

November 07, 1991|By Washington Bureau of The Sun

Here are excerpts from some of the campaign commercials used by victorious candidates in Tuesday's election:

HARRIS WOFFORD, Democrat for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania (standing in a physician's office):

This is a doctor's office. But when members of Congress get sick, they don't have to come here.

They can go to the Capitol physician free of charge. They can get free physicals, blood tests, lab work, even free prescription drugs. . . . It's time for national health insurance -- for people, and not just politicians.

WOFFORD: I've been talking about national health insurance and about a tax cut for the middle class.

Those issues are part of a basic difference between Dick Thornburgh and me. . . . Dick Thornburgh thinks things are working just fine in Washington.

I think he's wrong.

KIRK FORDICE, Republican for governor of Mississippi.

Announcer: Kirk Fordice favors workfare instead of welfare.

Workfare puts welfare recipients to work with jobs that benefit Mississippi. It gives them real jobs and real training. It gives people futures and hope instead of generations of welfare and dependence. . . .

It's time for a change in Mississippi.

(Ad ends with picture of a black woman holding a baby.)

FORDICE: Politicians constantly blame their problems on everybody but themselves. Well, we're all sick and tired of politics in Mississippi.

I've never raised your taxes. I've never traded state contracts for political contributions. Elect me governor and . . . I'll put you first.

And I will never come to you with lies and slander, when what we so dearly need is honesty and results.

BRERETON JONES, Democrat for governor of Kentucky:

"I just don't think Frankfort [the state capital] ought to be run by the wealthy special interests. That's why I'm running for governor. . . . The way I see it, government ought to be working for the people, and not the highest bidder. . . .

This can be the year that we change things in Frankfort and guarantee that state government is on the side of the hard-working families of Kentucky."

JONES: Announcer: "Did you see where Congressman Larry Hopkins [Republican candidate for governor] said he only bounced a check or two last year on the congressional bank, but then the press reported that he had actually bounced 32 checks?

That makes Mr. Hopkins one of Congress' biggest check bouncers. . . .

What's even worse is that this year, after accepting a $125,000 salary, Larry Hopkins only showed up to vote half of the time. . . .

Kentucky families deserve more than bounced checks and missed votes."

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