Dailey says medication helps

November 06, 1991

Quintin Dailey of the Seattle SuperSonics says he will be a changed man for his 10th NBA season.

The former Cardinal Gibbons star has rejoined the team after being hospitalized in Calabasas, Calif., during the past month for what has been diagnosed as a form of adult residual attention deficit. Those afflicted with the disorder are hyperactive, distractible and impulsive. They have short attention spans.

Dailey, 30, said he is taking medication to help calm him down.

The Sonics placed him on the league's suspended list because he was in the hospital. He missed training camp and exhibition season, finally joining the team for practice Monday. Dailey must miss a minimum of five games.

Dailey was unhappy over his lack of playing time with the Sonics last season. He was overweight, sulked and had emotional outbursts. He admits he was tough to live with -- for his coach, K. C. Jones, and his teammates.

"I feel really bad about the end of last season," he said. "I was going nutty, that's all. I'm a real intense player and I don't like losing. I wanted to be on the court. I took it personally.

"I wasn't getting time, damn, what am I? I'd go out there and people would say, 'Who are you? You used to be a name.' It hurt a lot. I didn't understand my role."

* CELTICS: Guard Brian Shaw, who re-injured his right hamstring, was placed on the injured list and will miss a minimum of five games, a team spokesman said.

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