Byron Starts Campaign

November 06, 1991

FREDERICK — Representative Beverly B. Byron, D-6th, announced that she will formally start her re-election campaign in late November by filing with the State Board of Elections in Annapolis.

She also said she would participate in a candidates' forum Nov. 11 at Mount St. Mary's College.

"With the redistricting process completed and the new district boundaries approved, now is the logical time to begin the formal campaign season," Byron said. "I look forward to discussing the issues and to comparing my record of accomplishment with the other challengers.

Byron said Congress is expected to adjourn in late November, and she will then begin to campaign.

"My campaign will focus on economic issues and fiscal responsibility, a national health care policy, service to the people of Western Maryland, leadership and legislative ability.

"I am home in the district on a weekly basis, meeting withlocal elected officials and just listening to people in the grocery store, and these are the issues that we discuss time and time again."

Byron chairs the Armed Services subcommittee on Military Personnel and Compensation and is a senior member of the National Park and Public Lands subcommittee. She is a member of the Leadership's Task Force on Health, the Rural Health Care Coalition and the Select Committee on Aging.

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