New video board will be among Camden Yards' amenities Stadium authority decides against moving old board.

November 06, 1991|By Robert Hilson Jr. | Robert Hilson Jr.,Evening Sun Staff

The Maryland Stadium Authority today decided to lease a new video board for Oriole Park at Camden Yards instead of trying to move the old video board from Memorial Stadium.

Members said the old board required too much maintenance and that its picture wasn't clear enough for day games.

Bruce Hoffman, executive director of the authority, said the new Sony video board would lease for about $2.6 million a year, much of that offset by revenue from advertisements on the board.

The new video board would be almost the same size as the old one with all of the same features, only "the picture is five times better," Hoffman said.

"We were going to move it, but the old board was such a nightmare for the Orioles," Hoffman said.

"The old board's picture showed well at night but the day picture was not clear. On the last day [of the season], you could see that the picture was just not clear."

The old Mitsubishi-manufactured video board was intended to be carried from Memorial Stadium, installed at the new downtown ball park and was to be ready for Opening Day in April.

However, the authority became worried that during the transfer, many of the parts, already worn, would have become further damaged, Hoffman said.

Hoffman said that the $2.6 million yearly fee for the new video board would cover its installation, a control room and the cost of the board itself.

The old video board will remain at Memorial Stadium for "a few" more years and be used if the city gets a National Football League franchise that would play there temporarily, Hoffman said.

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