Voters OK referendums

November 06, 1991

City voters approved the following bond referendums in yesterday's General Election:

* Question A -- $8 million for the Community Development Loan Program. Specific projects include $3.6 million for city matching funds for existing federal Community Development Block Grants; for rental housing for low-income families; $200,000 for Nehemiah Housing Two in Cherry Hill; $100,000 for tree-planting and other improvements to approach-ways to the city; $300,000 for the Conservation Area Program, which funds development and improvements in communities outside urban renewal areas; $100,000 for waterfront development improvements; $200,000 for grants to neighborhoods for local projects such as a small park; $800,000 for other community-based development projects; $500,000 for Charles Center-Market Center street improvements, and $1.5 million for the city's share of the Christopher Columbus Maritime History Center at Piers 5 and 6.

YES 43,465 NO 16,863


* Question B -- $4 million for loans for the Community Development Financing Corp., a private-public bank to fund housing projects.

YES 40,441 NO 16,926


* Question C -- $1 million for the renovation and modernization of 17 senior citizens centers.

YES 53,879 NO 11,810


* Question D -- $8.5 million for planning and development of commercial and industrial economic development projects, including $7.5 million for the city's share of the Port Covington Business Park, and $1 million for future economic development initiatives for the Memorial Stadium area and proposed Coldspring South residential community.

YES 39,412 NO 18,124


* Question E -- $1 million for asbestos removal from city-owned buildings.

YES 44,219 NO 15,626


* Question F -- $2 million for a new fire house for Sharp-Leadenhall in South Baltimore.

YES 51,834 NO 12,638


* Question G -- $4.5 million to replace the 92-year-old NOrthern District police station.

YES 48,910 NO 14,162


* Question H -- $6 million for new construction and renovation of public school buildings, including $1.5 million for the city's share of the cost of replacing certain school roofs; $900,000 for asbestos removal; $650,000 for design costs for the new Ashburton Elementary and Edmondson High schools; $2.6 million for renovations at Windsor Hills and Garrett Heights elementary schools; $350,000 to equip Brehms Lane Elementary.

YES 51,221 NO 12,400


* Question I -- To authorize the city to sell up to $20 million in bonds to augment the city's self-insurance fund that was established in 1986 to handle personal injury and property claims against the city.

YES 39,356 NO 17,425


* Question J -- Authorizes the city to re-sell current outstanding bonds at lower rates.

YES 35,691 NO 17,869


* Question K -- Authorizes the city to amend certain outstanding loan authorizations to allow for the issuance of mini-bonds, those in denominations as small as $500.

YES 35,943 NO 18,333

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