Today's City Election -- The Sun Endorses:

November 05, 1991

City-wide candidates


! Jacqueline McLean


Kurt L Schmoke

Council President

Mary Pat Clarke

Council Candidates

1st District

John Cain

Nicholas C.D"Adamo Jr.

Perry Sfikas

2nd District

Anthony J. Ambridge

Paula Johnson Branch

Carl Stokes

3rd District

Wilbur E Bill Cunningham

Martin O'Malley

` Elaine E. Urbanski

4th District

Lawrence Bell

Sheila Dixon

Agnes Welch

5th district

Vera P. Hall

Iris Reeves

! Lawrence H. Rosen

6th district

Joseph J DiBlasi

Timothy D. Murphy

Melvin L Stukes

Question A -- $8million bond for community development program. Vote YES

QUESTION B -- $4million bond for esidential and commercial redevelopment. Vote YES

QUESTION C -- $1 million bond issue to renovate neighborhood senior centers. Vote YES

QUESTION D -- $8.5 million bond for economic development projects. Vote YES

QUESTION E -- $1 million bond issue to continue asbestos removal. Vote YES

QUESTION F -- $2 million bond to modernize Fire Department facilities. Vote YES

QUESTION G -- $4.5 million bond to modernize Police Department facilities. Vote YES

QUESTION H -- $6 million bond issue to modernize and repair school buildings. Vote YES

QUESTION I -- $20 million bond to capitalize city's self-insurace pool. Vote YES

QUESTION J -- new charter language to permit refunding of city bonds. Vote YES

QUESTION K -- amending the chartwer to provide flexibility in issuing bonds. Vote YES

QUESTION L -- referendum creating 18 single-member City Council districts. Vote FOR

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