Eleven city referendum questions going before voters City would borrow funds for each bond project, if approved tomorrow.

November 04, 1991

The following bond referendums will appear on tomorrow's general election ballot. If approved by voters, they would authorize the city to borrow money for projects listed in each individual question.

* Question A -- $8 million for the Community Development Loan Program. Specific projects include $3.6 million for city matching funds for existing federal Community Development Block Grants; $200,000 for rental housing for low-income families; $200,000 for Nehemiah Housing Two in Cherry Hill; $100,000 for tree-planting and other improvements to approach-ways to the city; $300,000 for the Conservation Area Program, which funds development and improvements in communities outside urban renewal areas; $100,000 for waterfront development improvements; $200,000 for grants to neighborhoods for local projects such as a small park; $800,000 for other community-based development projects; $500,000 for Charles Center-Market Center street improvements; and $1.5 million for the city's share of the Christopher Columbus Maritime History Center at Piers 5 and 6.

* Question B -- $4 million for loans for the Community Development Financing Corp., a private-public bank to fund housing projects.

* Question C -- $1 million for the renovation and modernization of 17 senior citizen centers.

* Question D -- $8.5 million for planning and development of commercial and industrial economic development projects, including $7.5 million for the city's share of the Port Covington Business Park, and $1 million for future economic development initiatives for the Memorial Stadium area and proposed Coldspring South residential community.

* Question E -- $1 million for asbestos removal from city-owned buildings.

* Question F -- $2 million for a new fire house for Sharp-Leadenhall in South Baltimore.

* Question G -- $4.5 million to replace the 92-year old Northern District police station.

* Question H -- $6 million for construction and renovation of public school buildings, including $1.5 million for the city's share of replacing certain school roofs; $900,000 for asbestos removal; $650,000 for design costs for the new Ashburton Elementary and Edmondson High schools; $2.6 million for renovations at Windsor Hills and Garrett Heights elementaries; $350,000 to equip Brehms Lane Elementary.

* Question I -- To authorize the city to sell up to $20 million in bonds to augment the city's self-insurance fund that was established in 1986 to handle personal injury and property claims against the city.

* Question J -- Authorizes the city to re-sell current outstanding bonds at lower rates.

* Question K -- Authorizes the city to amend certain outstanding loan authorizations to allow for the issuance of mini-bonds, those in denominations as small as $500.

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