Rice isn't his favorite dishWR Jerry Rice doesn't want to...

Fumbles and follies

November 03, 1991

Rice isn't his favorite dish

WR Jerry Rice doesn't want to talk about his former 49ers teammate Tim McKyer. He refused to do a conference call with Atlanta reporters last week about today's game with the Falcons and told a San Francisco columnist after a 39-34 loss to the Falcons three weeks ago, "Get out of my face, or I'll kill you."

But McKyer, who accurately predicted before the first meeting that he'd give up a touchdown pass to Rice, but would intercept 1 late in the game (he intercepted 2 in the final 2:23), was more than happy to talk about Rice last week.

"Jerry Rice has no class, and he's a big kid. He showed that to me and the world after the first meeting. He's just a big baby. He has to have everything his way. When he beat me for a touchdown, you should have seen him. He spread his hands to the crowd and pointed to the fans like, 'See, I told you.' But, then, when the tables were turned, he wasn't even man enough to give me what respect I deserved, so I'm not going to give him his, either. I mean, he's a good football player, and you can't deny that. You'd have to be crazy to say otherwise. But I don't respect him as a person. I don't care. He could beat me for 400 touchdowns. It does not matter, because I still wouldn't respect him as a man."

The outspoken McKyer also didn't endear himself to the 49er by allegedly making obscene gestures to the 49ers fans after his second interception in the first game. The league is supposed to be investigating. Bill Belichick is off to a successful start as the head coach of the Cleveland Browns. He's 4-4 with a team that was 3-13 last year. He also seems to be prepping for a second career with the CIA.

It was apparently Belichick who warned his former team, the New York Giants, last week that teams could spy on their practice field from a hotel and suggested they practice indoors.

Now, Belichick has closed practice to reporters this week, because he's suspicious of what happened in the first game against the Cincinnati Bengals. "I thought there were some very unusual plays in that game. Some things happened in that game that I'd have a hard time rationalizing," he said.

This is just what Sam Wyche needed. He's 0-8 and being accused of spying.

"I had a pretty good laugh over that. Our elaborate budget over here for espionage is really strained right now," Wyche said.

On a serious note, Wyche said, "I'm sorry he doesn't feel like he could give us a little credit for some of our hard work in that first game."

Ghosts and goblins

Eagles DL Mike Golic decorates his house for Halloween and invites many of the local children to stop by for goodies and ghost stories.

"Last year, we had a blast until some kid I didn't even recognize stole all of the Baby Ruths and didn't leave me 1," he said.

MA There's no truth to the rumor he came dressed as Buddy Ryan.

A tall tale

Mike Munchak of the Houston Oilers insists that he went to a party 4 years ago on Halloween dressed as a cheerleader.

"My costume was so good, some guy asked me out," he said.

Munchak is 6 feet 3 and weighs 284.

Who asked him out? King Kong?

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