Council Bill Unacceptable

Readers write

November 03, 1991

From: Howard Klein

Forest Hill

I am writing with respect to Council Bill 91-52. This bill is theproposed redistricting plan submitted by council co-sponsors JeffreyD. Wilson, Theresa M. Pierno and Susan B. Heselton.

The apparent purpose of this bill is to combine all Edgewood precincts (1-3, 1-5, and 1-6) into District A.

There are several inconsistencies with this bill that deserve mention. First, while the bill combines Edgewood into one district, it does not empower other similar communities. For example, Abingdon's combined population roughly equals that of Edgewood. However, Bill 91-52 splits Abingdon into two districts. Also, Joppa-Magnolia (widely recognized as an integral part of the Joppatowne community) is severed from the rest of Joppatowne and joined to a district dominated by Havre de Grace.

Second, both precincts 3-4, Harkins, and 3-5, Forest Hill, are severed from Districts D and C, and joined to District E, which is dominated by Aberdeen. The last timeI checked a map, Forest Hill adjoined neither U.S. 40 nor Route 22. In fact, Forest Hill's interests are more closely aligned with Bel Air, with which it shares a portion of the development corridor, publicservices and many volunteer organizations such as its fire department. While admittedly in the same county, the proposed District E's widely varying communities do not share a community of interests.

Third, the comparable populations in the proposed districts vary widely,from a low of 27,703 in District D to a high of 32,077 in District B-- a variance of more than 15 percent. (The ideal district size is 20,355).

In summation, Bill 91-52 is a poor substitute for the plansubmitted by the Harford County Redistricting Commission (Plan 6).

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