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Letters to the editor

November 03, 1991

From: Robert H. Chambers


Western Maryland College

I am delighted to take this opportunity to thank you for generously supporting the 1991 Carroll County Scholarship Program.

This year's recipient of The Carroll County Sun Scholarship is Justin Carroll Deibel, son of Barbara A. Deibel of Hampstead and James L. Deibel of Baltimore. Justin is a graduate of North Carroll High School and is a freshman psychology major.

Each academic year, we are confronted by growing needs for additional assistance for deserving students. While the resources committed to financial aid by the college are quite significant, your support through the Carroll County Scholarship Program is of crucial importance to our efforts to bring strong students from the area to our campus.

The Western Maryland community, and especially the parents of these impressive young people, are most grateful to you. Thus, I very much hope that you will continue, and perhaps even be able to increase, your support in the future.

Western Maryland is proud to be a partner with you in providing this essential scholarship program for Carroll County students.


From: Beverly Layne, chairperson

Carroll County Right-to-Life

As the newly elected chairpersonof Carroll County Right-to-Life, I am excited about the videos we will be showing on Prestige Cable Channel 55.

I would encourage you to view these programs with an open and prayerful heart.

There aresix videos to be shown each week, beginning the week of Nov. 4. Theycan be seen 7 to 7:30 p.m. Mondays and Thursdays. The Rev. Dr. R. C.Sproul presents information rationally and truthfully concerning today's front-line issue -- abortion.

All aspects of this issue will be covered from the key issues -- how sacred is human life? When doeslife begin? What is the relationship between church and state? What about those who demand their rights and what is your verdict?

My prayer is that your eyes may be enlightened to understand the facts about life and our inherent rights to life and liberty as set forth in our Constitution.

May each of you see God's awesome truth regarding this issue. An issue based not only on the command to allow a childto live -- Thou shalt not kill -- but that children are a blessing from the Lord, a blessing he has entrusted with to teach and to nourish in his infinite care!

Won't you please prayerfully consider the future generations of yet be born children and help us protect the human rights of pre-born children, as well as all human life?


From: Gil Chamblin

Director of Public Relations

Carroll Co. General Hospital


What a terrific job (Cindy Parr) did on the hospital's 30th anniversary supplement (The Carroll County Sun, Sept. 27).

The feature stories were so well-researched and written.

No hospital could ask for better, more accurate coverage to commemorate such an event.

And so it was with the profile you wrote about me. On my first day here, so many people introduced themselves saying, "I feel as if I know you after reading the story in the paper."

You have truly made my job and transition to Carroll easier.

Thank you for your accurate and interesting reporting.

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