Don't Give Them A Vote

Readers write

November 03, 1991

From: Timothy Meredith

Severna Park

Now that the politicians have finished carving up our county intofour congressional districts, the war cry of the citizens of Anne Arundel County should be: "Not one vote!"

Not one vote from this county should be cast for any of the intended beneficiaries of this gerrymandering.

If all 45,283 residents of Anne Arundel County who were transferred to Helen Delich Bentley's district registered and votedas a bloc against her, and all 78,258 residents of Anne Arundel County who were transferred to Steny H. Hoyer's district registered and voted as a bloc against him, and all 64,081 residents of Anne Arundel County who were transferred to Benjamin L. Cardin's district registered and voted as a bloc against him, and all 239,617 residents of AnneArundel County who were tacked onto Wayne T. Gilcrest's district registered and voted against him, maybe the politicians would get the message that Anne Arundel County deserves its own representative in Congress.

Unfortunately, only a fraction of these numbers will botherto exercise their right to vote, and the incumbents are likely to get away with this outrageous political maneuver.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could limit the politicians to serving only two four-year terms in the House of Representatives? Maybe if we had such a limit, fewer congressmen would presume to act as if they owned a seat in the House.


From: David G. Maher


In reaction to a diminishing revenue from sales taxes and a recessive economy, our Gov. (William Donald) Schaefer has taken a bold political move by offering a decrease in the state budget by chopping essential jobs and services such as state troopers and the lifesaving Medivac helicopter.

His cuts reflect a crude political scheme to convince lawmakers and taxpayers to pay higher taxes by creating cuts that affect Maryland's life-saving, educational, and law enforcing capabilities.

The reductions in these areas are unnecessary and were only proposed because the governor knows that cuts in medical and law-enforcement services and state-funded education will be an effective factor in convincing lawmakers to pass taxes that the excessive administrative body of the state government deems appropriate for its political purposes.

The current state government body is a gluttonous bureaucracy, with cost overruns that would make a non-government accountant cringe. The governor takes a large portion of taxpayers' money for a recent $35,000 pay raise and for funding a 24-hour security patrol guarding his empty Pasadena town house.

Schaefer must truly convincethe taxpayers of Maryland that his budget slashing is of genuine necessity and is not led by pure political motives to raise more unnecessary taxes to feed the overfed Maryland state government.

Gov. Schaefer has become a distorted vision of Robin Hood gone bad -- taking away from the taxpayers, neglecting the "poorest of the poor" and ignoring the fundamental needs of Maryland citizens through cuts in education, law enforcement and medical services.

Governor, we need to rethink your political scheme and properly trim the state budget in more non-essential and wasteful areas -- trimming the bureaucracy at the source to stunt growth of a government that is rapidly growing outof control with useless expenditures and attempts to force taxes through the legislature by threatening large cuts in essential state services.

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