Gate To Broadneck Park Opens, After Four Years, $2.28 Million

November 03, 1991

Broadneck Park's playground, hiker-biker path, picnic areas and openspaces are open to the public, the Department of Recreation and Parks has announced.

Beginning this week, the Broadneck Park Road gateoff Broad Neck Road will be open, allowing free access to the 50-acre, $2.28 million county park. The College Park entrance will remain closed.

The Broadneck Recreation Council says the three baseball diamondsand two multipurpose fields in the park will be in better condition for the long run if they have another season to grow. They will remain closed until spring 1992.

The County Council approved plans to buy and develop the then-estimated $1.2 million park in 1987. But by the time engineering studies were complete and construction began in the spring of 1990, the price of the project had nearly doubled.

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