Tuesday's City Election--The Sun Endorses:

November 03, 1991

City-wide Candidates


! Jacqueline McLean


Kurt L. Schmoke

Council President

Mary Pat Clarke

Council Candidates

1st District

John Cain

Nicholas C. D'Adamo Jr.

Perry Sfikas

2nd District

Anthony J. Ambridge

Paula Johnson Branch

Carl Stokes

3rd District

Wilbur E. Bill Cunningham

Martin O'Malley

! Elain E. Urbanski

4th District

Lawrence Bell

Sheila Dixon

Agnes Welch

5th District

Vera P. Hall

Iris Reeves

! Lawrence H. Rosen

6th District

Joseph J. DiBlasi

Timothy D. Murphy

Melvin L. Stukes

Question A -- $8 million bond for community development program. Vote YES.

Question B -- $4 million bond for residential and commercial redevelopment. Vote YES.

Question C -- $1 million bond issue to renovate neighborhood senior centers. Vote YES.

Question D -- $8.5 million bond for economic development projects. Vote YES.

Question E -- $1 million bond issue to continue asbestos removal. Vote YES.

Question F -- $2 million bond to modernize Fire Department facilities. Vote YES.

Question G -- $4.5 million bond to modernize Police Department facilities. Vote YES.

Question H -- $6 million bond issue to modernize and repair school buildings. Vote YES.

Question I -- $20 million bond to capitalize city's self-insurance pool. Vote YES.

Question J -- new charter language to permit refunding of city bonds. Vote YES.

Question K -- amending the charter to provide flexibility in issuing bonds. Vote YES.

Question L -- referendum creating 18 single-member City Council districts. Vote FOR.

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