From The Sun Nov. 3-9, 1841NOV. 6: The pews in the new...


November 03, 1991|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun Nov. 3-9, 1841

NOV. 6: The pews in the new church of St. Vincent de Paul, Front Street, will be sold on Monday next, at 3 o'clock P.M. The sale takes place at the church.

NOV. 9: Daguerre's Pictures -- This exhibition will remain open a few days longer. The proprietors have received a new picture representing the funeral ceremony of Napoleon at the Church des Invalides, and are now exhibiting it for the first time in America.

From The Sun Nov. 3-9, 1891

NOV. 5: Yesterday was a great day for the Democrats in Baltimore. They could be met everywhere on the street and their bland, self-satisfied smiles clearly indicated that now the election is over and they are at peace with themselves and all world.

NOV. 6: The splendid buildings of the Woman's College of Baltimore were opened last night to welcome visitors to the celebration of the fourth anniversary of the institution.

From The Sun Nov. 3-9, 1941

NOV. 4: "We must throw our military power into the field now in the European struggle, while we still have allies," declared William L. Shirer, former foreign correspondent and author of "Berlin Diary," in a speech at the Lyric Theater last night.

NOV. 5: Women in fur coats, women of all sizes, in fact, a cross-section of Baltimore's women, mobbed 39 Hopkins Place last night. There was no sale on, nor was there an exhibition of Paris styles. The women were signing with the Maryland State Employment Service for training as riveters and welders.

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