Perchance To Dream


November 03, 1991|By ELIZABETH LARGE

Let's say I want to find out why I still have that mortifyin dream about being at high school in my bedroom slippers, and I'd like to know what it really means. I don't, however, want to go into psychotherapy for four years. Or let's say I frequently wake up with the tantalizing feeling that an important dream is slipping away; I want to recall it, but I just don't know how.

There are a lot of people out there who are interested in their dreams -- not necessarily for any deep psychological reasons -- and who want to know more about how to dream productively. Volumes have been written about dream interpretation, from psychiatric texts to dictionaries of symbols. Now there's also a growing number of groups that do what's called "dream sharing," the subject of this week's cover story. Staff writer Patrick McGuire will tell you all about "dream incubating" and how to handle that snake in your nightmares. If he gets you hooked and you want to know more, here are two addresses: For information about the Association for the Study of Dreams, write to Box 1600, Vienna, Va. 22183. For information on setting up dream-sharing groups, write to Mary Coe, a licensed social worker, at 923 Fell St., Baltimore, Md. 21231.

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