The Baltimore Ski Club sponsors trips to fit a variety of recreational interests

November 02, 1991|By Linda Lowe Morris

The Baltimore Ski Club, which was founded in 1939, is a group of between 800 to 1,000 local ski enthusiasts. The group sponsors approximately 20 skiing trips per year, about 13 or 14 to West Coast ski resorts and the rest to East Coast slopes. The trips, which are between one and seven days in duration, are put together and run by various members of the club.

"Generally we have about 30 or 40 people on each trip," says Sheldon Hyman, director of the Baltimore Ski Club. "On Eastern trips, you'll have three or four people who have never skied before. We don't usually have beginners go on the Western trips because they're longer trips. But at most of the East Coast slopes, they offer instructions and there are even some trips that involve extensive ski instruction."

The focus of the club is downhill skiing, but some of the club's trips also offer members the opportunity to enjoy cross-country skiing.

"Cross-country skiing is difficult in this area because the conditions are so unpredictable," Mr. Hyman says. "Downhill ski areas have the capability of making snow. But we do go on trips where cross country skiing is available, like, for instance,

New Hampshire. And last year about four or five people did go for the cross-country skiing."

The Baltimore Ski Club meets on the second Tuesday of the month from September through April. At each meeting there is a ski-related program followed by socializing and an opportunity to talk with the leaders of upcoming ski trips.

AInitial membership fees are $23 for an individual member, $29 for parent and $34 for a family which includes children under 18. Yearly renewal fees are about $5 less in each category. Only members are able to go on the club's trips.

For more information about the club, call 825-SNOW.

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