Arena regional fine with Terps

November 01, 1991|By Milton Kent L

Maryland athletic director Andy Geiger said he was unaware of UMBC's efforts to bring first- and second-round NCAA basketball tournament games to the Baltimore Arena in 1995, but wouldn't do anything to block them.

Geiger acknowledged that it might be in Maryland's best interest for UMBC's bid to be successful if the Terps received a tournament offer that year, as the NCAA would likely place Maryland in the Arena, but could not put them in Cole Field House for a first- or second-round game under tournament rules.

"We certainly wouldn't mind playing close to home since we can't play here," said Geiger.

The College Park campus hosted first- and second-round games in the tournament last season and has a standing bid for another session. "We'll let our bid float out there," said Geiger.

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