Officials review Spring Grove superintendent's case

November 01, 1991|By Frank D. Roylance and Sue Miller | Frank D. Roylance and Sue Miller,Evening Sun Staff

State health officials are pondering what, if anything, to do about Dr. Bruce L. Regan, the superintendent of the Spring Grove Hospital Center, who was disciplined last week for writing improper prescriptions in his private psychiatric practice.

Regan, who has been superintendent at the Spring Grove hospital for the mentally ill since 1987, has been placed on three years' probation by the state Board of Physician Quality Assurance.

He was found by the board to have prescribed narcotics in a manner "clearly outside the accepted standard of care." He was ordered to undergo psychiatric therapy and evaluation during the probation.

The board warned Regan that if he fails to meet rigorous probation conditions, his medical license could be suspended. No restrictions were placed on his work at Spring Grove.

Regan has declined to comment on the disciplinary action.

State health department spokesman Mike Golden said that if Regan were to lose his medical license, that in itself would not disqualify him from the superintendency. He said that the superintendent is not required to be a licensed psychiatrist.

Golden said yesterday that Health Secretary Nelson J. Sabatini and officials of the state Mental Health Administration "are reviewing the case."

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