How low can he go? A mere 6 inchesAfter a seven-month...

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November 01, 1991

How low can he go? A mere 6 inches

After a seven-month wait, Dennis Walston of Federal Way, Wash., has won official recognition for what he does best -- dancing under a flaming bar 6 inches off the ground.

Mr. Walston, 46, whose professional name is "King Limbo," believed he had smashed an 18-year-old limbo dancing world record in March. But he had to wait to find out until last week, when the 1992 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records arrived in book stores. His name is on page 184.

"I thanked God with my hands up in the air and I cried. I'm still so excited," Mr. Walston said Monday.

The 5-foot-7 1/2 -inch man is able to pass under a bar barely higher than a soft drink can by waddling on the inside of his feet and sucking in his chest.

The previous record of 6 1/8 inches was set in Toronto in 1973 by a 15-year-old girl.

Fame doesn't turn Dodger's head

It's a wonderful dog's life in Deweese, Neb., for Dodger the adopted basset hound.

But fame isn't changing the town's pet, even though he's been sent fan mail and photos of female basset hounds from across the country.

"Oh, no, it's the same old Dodger," said Don Kohmetscher, who lives in the south-central Nebraska hamlet with its 60 other residents.

After a spate of nationwide publicity this summer when Deweese adopted him as its official mascot, Dodger had to be given his own post office box because he's gotten so much mail, said another resident, Jo Anne Bischoff.

Some correspondents have even asked if their hounds could arrange a date.

Dodger wandered into town about three years ago. He is fed by everyone in town and moves from home to home to sleep each night.

Tim DeGrazio didn't win any awards for his underwater pumpkin carving abilities. He gained a fiancee instead.

Nearly 20 other divers over the weekend cut and carved under the 54-degree waters of Michigan's Clark Lake in a contest for the ugliest or best-looking pumpkin.

Mr. DeGrazio carved: Will you marry me?

Debbie Frederick, his sweetheart, was filming his underwater efforts when he turned his entry toward the waterproof camera.

"She must have had a mask leak when I showed it to her because she started getting water inside," he said. The couple ++ plans an above-ground wedding in Las Vegas next month.

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