Saints at RFK, Oilers at Buffalo hold Super key

October 31, 1991|By Ken Murray | Ken Murray,Evening Sun Staff

At the halfway point of the season, the NFL has two division races -- AFC West and NFC Central -- and four runaways. That prompts two questions:

If the New Orleans Saints can lose to the Chicago Bears at home, do they have any chance against the Washington Redskins in RFK?

What can Warren Moon's run-and-shoot attack do in a Buffalo blizzard in January?

Here's a capsule review of the season's first nine weeks.


1. Redskins (8-0) -- Only a major injury keeps them from Minneapolis.

2. Bills (7-1) -- They'll get crushed in the Super Bowl unless they fix that defense.

3. Oilers (7-1) -- If only they didn't have to go through Buffalo.


4. Saints (7-1) -- Offensive conservatism is killing the Saints softly.

5. Broncos (6-2) -- You've seen enough of them in the Super Bowl.

6. Chiefs (6-3) -- They must do it the hard way; five of their last eight games are on the road.

7. 49ers (4-4) -- Steve Young is no Joe Montana, but he's better than most quarterbacks.

8. Giants (4-4) -- Ray Handley continues to compound his mistake of benching Phil Simms.


9. Bears (6-2) -- They own the NFC Central Division, which is slum-lord property.

10. Lions (6-2) -- They lost big to the Redskins and 49ers, and forget everything else.

11. Raiders (5-4) -- Jay Schroeder should've stayed in baseball.

12. Cowboys (5-3) -- It's been a nice year for them with the Giants and Eagles on the skids.

13. Jets (4-4) -- They outplayed the Bills and Bears but lost to both.

14. Seahawks (5-4) -- Always on the bubble, but never a real threat.


15. Dolphins (3-5) -- Holdouts and injuries have decimated the team.

16. Eagles (3-5) -- You always wondered what would happen if they lost Randall Cunningham.

17. Steelers (3-5) -- Neil O'Donnell hasn't exactly seized the moment, losing his two starts.

18. Rams (3-5) -- Maybe it's time to look at John Robinson.


19. Browns (4-4) -- Bill Belichick has done an amazing job patching up the defense.

20. Falcons (4-4) -- At least they dress appropriately.

21. Patriots (3-5) -- Under Dick MacPherson, they're Patsies no longer.

22. Vikings (4-5) -- Underachievers to the bitter end.

23. Cardinals (4-5) -- Four wins with Tom Tupa at quarterback? Astounding.

* IN THE RACE FOR NO. 1 (draft pick, that is):

28. Colts (0-8) -- Could you root for this team? Be honest.

27. Bengals (0-8) -- Sam Wyche probably won't get to make this pick, though.

26. Buccaneers (1-7) -- Bo Jackson, Vinny Testaverde . . . they don't know what to do with the first pick in the draft, anyway.

25. Chargers (1-8) -- This pick belongs to the Redskins, who are licking their chops while Bobby Beathard agonizes.

24. Packers (2-6) -- They're the best of the Bays.

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