'Sexual Misconduct' Charged To Firefighters, Police

But City Attorney Refuses To Explain Nature Of Infractions

October 30, 1991|By Gary Gately | Gary Gately,Staff writer

Two Annapolis firefighters have been disciplined as a result of an ongoing city investigation into an alleged "pattern of sexual misconduct" among police and fire employees, city officials confirmed yesterday.

City Attorney Jonathan Hodgson said the latest of the alleged incidents involving firefighters occurred no more recently than 1985 or 1986.

But he refused to elaborate on the alleged misconduct, how often it occurred or the disciplinary action against the employees.

The two male firefighters, whom city officials refused to identify, were disciplined within the past three months for actions "of a sexual nature" with women at an Annapolis fire station, the city attorney said.

He said the two men violated departmental rules and regulations governing sexual misconduct but committed no crimes and have not been terminated.

Internal Affairs officers at the fire and police departments began investigating when allegations of sexual misconduct involving police and fire employees surfaced about three months ago, Hodgson said.

But he refused to say how many other employees were being investigated and would provide no details on the source of the information that prompted the probe, expected to be completed in "a matter of days."

The alleged sexual misconduct in the Police Departmentoccurred more recently than the alleged incidents involving firefighters, Hodgson said, refusing to elaborate.

But Mayor Alfred A. Hopkins said that after talking to Hodgson, he concluded that the latestalleged sexual misconduct in the Police Department had occurred within the past year.

"I'm very concerned (that the alleged sexual misconduct) was allowed to happen and that it has been going on without anybody reporting it," Hopkins said.

"Now that we know it has happened, we will correct it, that is the important part."

Hodgson said the investigation "may or may not result in further disciplinary actions against others."

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