Running Mount Airy Is A Piece Of Cake, 7-year-old Finds

October 30, 1991|By Daniel P. Clemens Jr. | Daniel P. Clemens Jr.,Staff writer

MOUNT AIRY — A little concerned about crossing a busy street, the mayor took the hand of a county commissioner while traversing Ridge Avenue yesterday.

During the busy day, the mayor proposed no new laws or taxes butwas intrigued by a suggestion to shorten the school day.

The most important decision the mayor made was to order a milkshake with lunch.

When you're 7 years old, being mayor can be a quitea big job.

Ask Amy King, who was the mayor of Mount Airy for a day.

A half-day actually, but that was enough for the Mount Airy Elementary second-grader to get a taste of what it's like to be an elected official.

The Woodbine resident cast the highest bid at a Parent-Teacher Association fund-raiser last winter for the privilege of being mayor for a day.

Gerald R. Johnson Jr., the Mount Airy mayor the rest of the time, invited Amy along yesterday to help preside overthe commissioners' tour.

"I can see Amy stealing your thunder fora day," Commissioner Elmer Lippy told Johnson.

"That's fine," theerstwhile mayor replied, smiling. "I can see why. She's a very personable young lady."

Johnson, who was joined by Councilman David Pyatt and other town administrators, invited the commissioners to Mount Airy to exchange ideas and ask for county assistance on projects in the South Carroll town.

Lippy, along with Commissioners Donald I. Dell and Julia Gouge, joined the town officials for lunch at the Olde Town Restaurant on Main Street, and then Dell and Lippy went on the town tour.

Among the requests the town made was that the commissioners consider selling to Mount Airy the Main Street building currentlyhousing the Mount Airy library. A new library and senior citizens center is under construction on Ridge Avenue and is set to open next fall, and the town is eyeing the soon-to-be vacant building as a possible new and bigger home for Town Hall.

The group also visited Watkins Park and looked at 2 acres of county-owned land where the Mount Airy administrators want to build a town swimming pool.

The tour included a visit to the construction site of Twin Ridge Elementary, scheduled to open next September. The site is on the Frederick County side of Mount Airy, which straddles the Frederick-Carroll border.

Dell told the town officials that the commissioners would consider the Mount Airy requests.

Amy's father, Harry, accompanied his daughter on the tour and was dubbed her "executive assistant" for the day.

Could she perhaps authorize a hefty salary for her No. 1 assistant, her father asked.

"Nope," Amy said, after a few seconds of thought.

Harry said that aside from being fun, the experience would be useful for Amy's future.

"When we get Woodbine incorporated, she can be the first mayor because she'll already have experience," he quipped.

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