For City Council

October 30, 1991

The Democratic Party's 50-year lock on the City Council has meant that winners of the September Democratic primary were virtually assured election in November. Recognizing that in order to win, Republicans needed candidates of such exceptional quality that voters would overlook partisan labels, city GOP head David Blumberg has made great efforts in recent years to recruit outstanding individuals to bear his party's standard.

This year, however, only one Republican candidate has, in our view, the special combination of political sophistication and vision needed to persuade voters to depart from long tradition. Elaine Urbanski, a candidate for City Council from the 3rd District, is a longtime utility company employee who by temperament, background and extensive professional involvement in community affairs is well-suited to the task of bringing a fresh perspective to city government. We recommend her as a potentially valuable addition to the City Council.

Changes brought about as a result of redistricting have given a much-needed face lift to the 1st District's Democratic slate, which matches newcomers Perry Sfikas and John Cain with one-term incumbent Nicholas C. D'Adamo Jr. In a contest against three undistinguished Republicans, they are our clear choice for election.

The three 2nd District Democratic nominees, Anthony J. Ambridge, Carl Stokes and Paula Johnson Branch, are unopposed.

In the 3rd District, we recommend Republican Elaine Urbanski and Democrats Martin O'Malley and Martin E. "Mike" Curran.

Fourth District incumbents Lawrence Bell, Sheila Dixon and Agnes Welch are also unopposed.

Though Republican Lawrence H. Rosen, a certified public accountant, is a credible candidate in the 5th District, we see little substantive difference between his approach to city problems and that of the candidate he is seeking to replace, incumbent Councilwoman Rochelle "Rikki" Spector. Moreover, we are disturbed by Rosen's apparent decision to ignore the district's black community. Our endorsement goes to Spector and incumbents Vera P. Hall and Iris G. Reeves.

In the 6th District we recommend Democrats Melvin L. Stukes and Joseph J. DiBlasi. Regrettably, we can only give qualified endorsement to Democratic incumbent Timothy D. Murphy, an erstwhile hard worker whose interest in and attention to council affairs appear to have sagged in recent years.

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