Jackman off mark* How sad that the tone of Phil Jackman's...

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October 29, 1991

Jackman off mark

* How sad that the tone of Phil Jackman's recent column (Oct. 23) about high school football was overwhelmingly negative. I wonder how much research went into some of the generalizations attempting to depict the environment surrounding a Maryland high school football program. Was the author of the referenced book the only source for information in this column?

It is bad enough watching the stereotypical high school football coach on television, with whistle, cap and inability to focus on proper verb tense. Reading negative sensationalism in our local newspaper is a bit much! There are too many of us out here who care about the positive development of kids to let this kind of journalism go unanswered. Where were the principal, athletic director and head football coach of that program to supervise the assistant football coach depicted in the column? He probably would have been forcefully reprimanded or dismissed in most of the high school programs I know of.

I ask that Phil Jackman visit our schools and find out what's going on. Have him talk to our coaches and players. If he could spend a bit more time with the 14-19 age group, perhaps his impressions of what we are accomplishing might prompt him to consider a more positive stance in a future column.

Mark Schlenoff

Athletic Director

Baltimore Polytechnic Institute

Memorial memories

* Time and time again this season, I have given "thanks for the memories" and savored the moments of Orioles seasons past and present. But never in my wildest imagination did I expect an Oriole fan's "field of dreams" to take life before my eyes as it did on Sunday, Oct. 6, creating a memory that I'll carry to my grave.

To witness the Orioles legends before and during "my times" return to their home spots; to be catapulted into a whirlwind of memories from my first Junior Oriole game in 1969 through the "Magic Years," from the glorious final weekend in 1982 to simply sharing a fun evening with my younger sister at 1990's last game; and to relive the Dipper's cheers and antics and his love for the Baltimore fans -- well, I still get choked up, as I did on that Sunday afternoon.

It is amazing how Baltimore has been so blessed with this organization. Few cities can claim such a love affair. Both as individuals and as a city, our lives are richer with the memories wrapped up in 38 years of Orioles and Colts Magic at Memorial Stadium.

Ted Miles

Ellicott City

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