Krieger's favorite spots recalled in run


October 29, 1991|By Michael Reeb

Tom Krieger will not be able to be there in person, but his presence should be felt during the Tom Krieger Memorial Run 8K on Nov. 9.

Krieger, who was 40, died of a brain tumor on Nov. 11, 1990, and it is the idea of friend and fellow runner Pat Horan to stage a run in Krieger's memory.

"We used to run all the time," Horan, 34, said last week from his home in Glen Arm. "I knew something was wrong in June or July. He stopped running in June; he kept getting headaches. He told me right after he found out and then he died less than a month later."

Horan, a one-time professional photographer, met Krieger at a photographers' convention more than 20 years ago, but it was running that became their bond.

"I'd known Tom since '68, but he got me running again," Horan said. "It'll be three years in November. It's something he and I used to do all the time."

The course, which begins at St. Matthew's Church on Loch Raven Boulevard, will include places near and dear to Krieger.

"Tom was a teacher at St. Matthew's before he was a [professional] photographer," Horan said. "That's the reason it's starting there. Back then, it was St. Matthew's School. Now, it's called Cardinal Shehan School."

The course will continue around Mount Pleasant Golf Course, where Krieger and Horan did much of their running.

"Tom and I used to run through Mount Pleasant, and that's where the race will go. It will follow the same route that we used," Horan said. "It will also goes past his studio on Sayward Avenue. In fact, the water station is going to be right at the studio."

The first 1,000 entrants in the race will receive four-color long-sleeved T-shirts bearing an image that was special to Krieger.

"The image is a sunset in La Jolla, which he took in 1982," Horan said. "The guy took all portraits and weddings; this one had a special meaning to him. Before he died, he took the negative to Jeffrey and Marcia Levenson, who own Jeffrey Press, with a note attached that said, 'You'll know what to do with this when the time comes.'

"What they and Tom's wife, Debra, did was have these full-color, 5-by-5 cards made up. The money from their sale goes to The Tom Krieger Memorial Scholarship Fund for local photographers. The image that I'm using on the T-shirt is that image."

Proceeds from the run will benefit the benefit the Sara McDevitt Scholarship Fund at Cardinal Shehan School and the Mount Washington Pediatric Foundation, Inc.

For information on the race, call Horan at 592-7205.


NOTES: The Mount de Sales Academy 5K, scheduled for Saturday, has been canceled. The school says it hopes to schedule another race in the spring. . . . The weekend's top finishers:


Gator Half-Marathon and 5K

At St. Paul's School for Girls

-- Males: 1. Michael Sterling, 15:22; 2. Andy Passmore, 15:31; 3. Conrad Boyle, 16:14; 4. Kevin Hagan, 16:16; 5. Raymond Kirchner, 16:23. Masters: 1. James Sampson, 16:55.

Females: 1. Marianne Jensen, 17:52; 2. Rebecca Canner, 19:00; 3. Donna Lewis, 19:36; 4. Carolyn Stoll, 20:14; 5. Maureen Madinabeltia, 20:24. Masters: 1. Stephanie Hall, 21:30.

Half-Marathon -- Males: 1. Robert Yara, 1:08:22; 2. William Desmond, 1:08:54; 3. Michael Stevens, 1:15:37; 4. Nathan Boyer, 1:16:55; 5. Mark Micozzi, 1:17:37. Masters: 1. Desmond.

Females: 1. Bea Marie Fritsch-Bradley, 1:25:50; 2. Arden Travers, 1:34:08; 3. Alice Klages, 1:36:43; 4. Alicia Fry, 1:37:32; 5. Kitty Good, 1:45:33. Masters: 1. Judith Taylor, 1:48:22.


WRRC Baugher's 10K and 20K

At Westminster

-- Males: 1. Tom Russell, 38, 38:08; 2. John Whitman, 37, 39:55; 3. Gary Honeman, 36, 40:49. Masters: 1. David Townley. Females: 1. Janice Schmidt, 33, 46:36; 2. Amy Jo Haufler, 33, 52:00; 3. Liuda Galinaitis, 34, 53:53.

-- Males: 1. Drew Rodgers, 31, 1:14:22; 2. Bob McCubbin, 31, 1:21:37; 3. Michael Ferrante, 31, 1:22:17. Masters: 1. Roger Kilgore.

A Day at the Races 3.4-miler

At Piney Orchard

Males: 1. Eric Welling, 17:50; 2. Todd Eastman, 18:02; 3. Paul Baltutis, 18:07; 4. Dennis Cornell, 18:33; 5. Darrell Wargo, 19:28. Masters: 1. Lou Chesla, 19:33.

CFemales: 1. Valerie Guilfoil, 22:35; 2. Charlene Sobuick, 22:44; 3. Cassandra Pickering, 23:49; 4. Cheryl Majewski, 25:37; 5. Lynn Graham, 26:04. Masters: 1. Sherrie Heffner, 29:57.

Rockville Run

At Rockville

Males: 1. Dominique Da Luz, 31, 32:32; 2. Adam Trzeciak, 33, 33:06; 3. David Holloway, 30, 33:24. Females: 1. Louise Kelley, 27, 37:13; 2. Shelley Burns, 31, 37:30; 3. Sue Cain, 35, 37:46.


At Solomon Schechter Day School

BMales: 1. Maurice Pointer, 16:33; 2. Shachar Cohen, 17:26; 3. Bill Noonan, 17:33; 4. James Sampson, 17:44; 5. Bill Peeling, 17:52. Masters: 1. Sampson.

BFemales: 1. Rosalind Taylor, 16:54; 2. Maureen Hall, 18:26; 3. Joy Glass, 19:27; 4. Carol Zimmerman, 20:09; 5. Edie Tress, 20:20. Masters: 1. Edie Tress.



Saturday, BRRC A Place for Your Pace, Loch Raven, 8 a.m., 566-RUN2.

Saturday, Ciccarone Ticker 10K, Catonsville CC, 9 a.m., 882-6103.

Saturday, Kids Cross Country Classic, Goucher, 9 a.m., 882-4353.

Sunday, City-Poly 5K, Loch Raven and 33rd, 8:30 a.m.Sunday, ** Ronald McDonald House 5K, White Marsh, 9 a.m., 494-8649.

Sunday, RASAC Hinte/Anderson Trail Run 5-miler, Susquehanna State Park, 9 a.m., 879-7679.

Sunday, Marine Corps Marathon, Washington, 9 a.m., (703) 640-2225.

Sunday, New York City Marathon, New York City, 10:50 a.m., (212) 860-4455.

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