October 29, 1991|By Monroe (Wis.) Evening Times

A BARB to the suburban Houston school district that banned Halloween costumes this year, saying that they promote satanic worship.

According to the Associated Press, the superintendent of the Aldine School District, Sonny Donaldson, reasons that, "subconsciously the costumes plant bad seeds in the children."

Donaldson has apparently been watching too many reruns of the "Omen" movies. Children aren't the ones who can't separate fantasy from reality in this scenario.

Has it been so long since the adults who made this decision were kids themselves, spending weeks preparing their costumes for the big day?

Should we be wary of the three-foot-tall Smurfs, or E. T.s or Mutant Ninja Turtles who knock on our doors for a "trick-or-treat"?

Halloween, after all, is a holiday for kids.

Far from planting "bad seeds," it teaches kids to socialize, to fantasize and pretend, and above all, to have fun. Isn't that what being young is all about?

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