Safety checkup for HalloweenHALLOWEEN lurks. It's time to...

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October 29, 1991|By Mary Maushard

Safety checkup for Halloween

HALLOWEEN lurks. It's time to review some health and safety tips:

* Masks can be unsafe and also uncomfortable. Non-toxic makeup is a good alternative when dressing up little ones.

* Be sure costumes fit well. Children can trip over long skirts and capes and can get caps, scarfs, big sleeves and other trappings caught in doors and railings. Do a costume safety check before a child leaves home.

* Be sure children are warned not to eat their loot until an adult has checked it. For this and other safety reasons, it's wise for an adult to go with children when they are trick-or-treating. If you think the temptation is too much, give your children some snacks before they leave home.

* If you know that children who are diabetics will be coming to your door, have goodies that they can eat. There are specially formulated candies, in the diet section of the grocery store, for diabetics.

* If you prefer that your children don't eat all the sweets they collect, establish a trading post at home, where they can "trade" their candy for an afternoon at the movies or extra time with their favorite video games.

Mental health pamphlets

The Mental Health Association of Maryland has some new pamphlets and guides for families of children with emotional problems:

* "Children and Youth with Emotional Problems: Facts for Families" is a pamphlet of information about common childhood emotional problems.

* "Children and Youth with Serious Emotional Problems: A Guide for Families Seeking Help" is a 12-page booklet for parents.

Also available is a Kids Call Bookmark promoting the Maryland Youth Crisis Hotline. All these materials are available free at schools and libraries throughout the state or by contacting the Mental Health Association of Maryland at 235-1178.

Here's a reminders:

* "Being On Your Own Again" is a workshop for those who find themselves single after years of being part of a couple. The workshop is sponsored by The Turning Point Program for displaced homemakers, homemakers and single parents at Essex Community College. Turning Point counselor Elaine Hartnett will lead the discussion at 12:20 p.m. tomorrow in Room 129 of the Human Development Building at the college. For more information, phone 522-1746.

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