'Yes' on bond issues

October 28, 1991

This year city voters will be asked to approve bond issues for capital improvements totaling $35 million.

Questions A, B and C authorize a total of $13 million in loans for community development, neighborhood renewal projects, low- and moderate-income housing, tree-planting and waterfront development. Question D is an $8 million economic development loan for the Port Covington Business Park and the Memorial Stadium and Coldspring South business areas.

Question E authorizes $1 million for asbestos removal. Questions F and G authorize $2 million and $4.5 million respectively for new fire and police department facilities, and Question H provides $6 million for school building repairs. Questions I, J and K are housekeeping items covering insurance and debt service.

Baltimore's general obligation debt has remained relatively constant over the years, which has enabled its bond issues to retain above average ratings even in a declining regional economic and fiscal environment. All of the items on this year's ballot are worthy projects that deserve voter support.

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