Prolific Cartland writes her 46-page obituary

October 28, 1991|By Knight-Ridder

Barbara Cartland, wisely reasoning that if you want a job done right you have to do it yourself, has thoughtfully prepared her own obituary. All 46 pages of it, done up in pink ribbons, have been dispatched to newspaper libraries in Britain.

Now 90, the grand dame of romance novelists is still feeling thoroughly in the pink, mind you, having just begun work on her 550th novel.

The self-penned obituary, titled "The History of Barbara Cartland, and How I Want To Be Remembered," was originally written for an American anthology five years ago. "It's the sort of thing Americans like," she said, "and I've added to it every year."

And already the work has come in handy. When journalists come calling for interviews, Cartland gives them the obit to read "so that they don't ask me stupid questions like why do I always wear pink," she said.

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