Tomorrow's 'Turn Off the TV Day' protests network trends

October 28, 1991|By Los Angeles Times

Tuesday will be "Turn Off the TV Day" for thousands -- perhaps millions -- of viewers who plan to protest network programming by not watching television.

Refusing to watch, they say, will send the message that they are sick of current programming trends that they believe focus far too much on sex and violence.

If they don't grab the attention of network programmers, proponents of the one-day boycott predict that full frontal nudity,blood-splattering violence and televised executions will soon become the norm.

Conceived by a 30-year-old Delaware housewife and supported by a coalition of media watchdog groups, the "Turn Off" day is being publicly ignored by the networks, none of which had any official comment.

But ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox are in for a big surprise, said Vicki Riley, the housewife and mother from Wilmington, Del., who came up with the plan.

'I'm expecting at least 6 million [people to turn off their sets]," said Riley, who heads Concerned Citizens for Quality Television and is chairing the "Turn Off" coalition.

The other groups involved are the New York-based Morality in Media, the Michigan-based Americans for Responsible Television, the Georgia-based Christian Film and Television Commission, the Illinois-based National Coalition Against Television Violence, the Washington-based National Christian Association, and the Mississippi-based American Family Association.

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