A thank-you from DeCincesAs I read the quotes of fellow...


October 27, 1991

A thank-you from DeCinces

As I read the quotes of fellow ballplayers and notable Baltimoreans expressing their warm feelings about Memorial Stadium, I, too, became emotionally choked up. Feelings that cannot be expressed in words or catchy one-liners engulfed my mind and heart.

Yes, it was a retiring of a stadium that brought us all together for its fond farewell, but it was the memories of the people within the structure that I believe contained its success and its nostalgic emotions that swallowed us all up. The Orioles tradition was on display, front and center, for all those to appreciate. I cannot think of many organizations that could even think of pulling off such an event as we experienced. The togetherness of this great reunion of Orioles was second to none and will be remembered by all for their lifetimes. The tradition of being an Oriole will remain within us always.

I will cherish the fans' appreciation for Oriole Magic, not because I hit a home run, but because it brought out the faith and support Baltimore fans continue to supply. Yes, it became magic, but only made possible by you, baseball's greatest fans! For those of you who shared this emotional day with us, whether in person, on television, radio or in spirit, I only hope you realize this was a day of mutual appreciation!

The tradition should not stop because of a different location and, hopefully, those players of today now understand what we Orioles of the past carry with us so that they may share the adoration that you bestowed upon us. With the support of you great fans, I am sure the front office and ownership will do their best to carry forth the winning tradition of old.

As a recipient of the Baltimore Bell and Ambassadorship of Baltimore from former Mayor William Donald Schaefer, I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to you fans and to the Orioles brass for this newest of my cherished Baltimore memories.

Doug DeCinces

Irvine, Calif.

We lose another team

I totally agree with Morton D. Marcus' letter about the transformation of the Baltimore Orioles to the Washington, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Baltimore Orioles. Nobody is quite sure exactly when it took place, but it happened.

There is no question about what cities other major-league teams come from when they're on the road. I'm very sure Baltimore fans do not mind sharing the Orioles at home games, but we want it made well-known these are still the "Baltimore Orioles" around the league.

Baltimore and Maryland in general have supported this team as well as any team in the league and also have invested quite a few millions in a new stadium. I'm quite sure the same amount of fans would turn out to see the "Baltimore Orioles."

Baltimore team owners in the past have not treated this city with much respect, and this is just one more nail in our coffin. The Orioles management could show some class by restoring the Baltimore Orioles to a brand new start at the "Baltimore Stadium."

Every one of the players brought back on the field for the last post-game ceremony was proud to be called a "Baltimore Oriole." So, Orioles, show some class, remember this used to be known around the league as the class organization. Show some more and bring Baltimore back to our team name, just like the old days.

Stanley S. Michalski


Great memories


On Oct. 5, I was among the loyal fans at Memorial Stadium.

I arrived about 11:30 that morning, as I wanted time to buy some last souvenirs, take some pictures and roll around the concourse one more time.

There was a sense of sadness, an uncanny feeling that nothing would ever be the same for us in some new ballpark. This had been my home, my family, for almost 30 years. I had the privilege of watching Brooks Robinson and Jim Palmer become superstars day by month by year. I saw many players -- good, very good and not so good -- come and go. I thrilled at attending my first World Series in 1966 and watching the greatest team in baseball sweep the L.A. Dodgers in four straight. I cried in 1969 when we were cheated of another victory. I celebrated again in 1970 after the best of all took it once more. In 1983, we were champs again, and my heart was there even though I had to miss the games.

Although I will attend the opening of Oriole Park in 1992, my heart and my memories forever will be back at Memorial Stadium.

Thank you, my Orioles of the past. You made it all possible for so many of us to look back and say, "Thanks for the Memories."

Jean Straw


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