The new Ditka2 Hint: The real problem is in the owner's...

Fumbles and follies

October 27, 1991|By Vito Stellino

The new Ditka

2 Hint: The real problem is in the owner's box. Even though the Green Bay Packers got just 5 first downs last week against the Chicago Bears -- their lowest total since the 1970 -- coach Lindy Infante is planning no change in his offense.

"It was very productive in 1989 and it was moderately productiv even without our starting quarterback last year. I'm not going to sit around and change this offense," Infante said.

The winner

Bruce Coslet, the Jets coach, wasn't happy that the reporters were questioning him about his team's lethargic performance when they failed to cover the spread in a 17-6 victory over the Indianapolis Colts.

"Did we win or did we lose?" Coslet said. "Did we win or lose? Hey, we won the game, guys."

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