Carroll County General Hospital Report

October 27, 1991


Here is a look back at Carroll County General Hospital's history, from 1880 to today.


Although county residents first discussed the establishment of a hospital in 1880, and again between 1920 and 1940, it was not until 1956 that public support made a hospital possible. Although the fund-raising goal was $300,000, the response yielded $750,000.Additional funds deposited with the Carroll Commissioners, combined with the county's contribution, totaled more than $1 million.


Labor Day Weekend, 1961, brought more than 10,000 residents to the Hospital for tours given by the guides from the Auxiliary. The visitors saw the 10 private and 20 semi-private rooms, which cost a mere $22 and $16 a day for room and board, respectively. They learned thatit was completely air-conditioned, designed for easy additions, ableto serve 250 people meals in 45 minutes, and self-supporting with a 60 per cent occupancy rate. One special feature was a high-speed sterilizer that prepared instruments in three minutes, rather than the standard 30 minutes. CCGH opened on October 1, 1961. There were 134 admissions in its first month of operation.


Only five years later, the ground-breaking was held for the hospital's first addition,a patient unit called called 1 Northwest, in October 1966. The dedication was July 21, 1968, bringing 60 patient beds on line for a totalof 120 beds. This was known as the Stansbury/Kriel Memorial Wing.


In 1976, a fund-raising campaign for the second addition began with the goal of $2.5 million. The total cost of the new addition was about $11 million. By November, 1979, the addition was occupied, adding 39 more beds and increasing the size of the Ancillary Departments:

* New Emergency Room

* New Dietary and Cafeteria

* New Intensive Care Unit (7 beds)

* New Sterilization, Processing and Distribution Area

* New Pharmacy

* New Respiratory Therapy

* New Administrative, Personnel and Finance Department

* New Operating/Recovery Room

* New Lobby

* New Second Floor (26-bed Medical/Surgical Unit)

* New Coronary Care Unit (8 beds)

* New X-Ray

* New Laboratory


From 1980-1988, CCGH continued modernization of equipment, facilities, and patient care services.


* State-of-the-art CAT scanner

* State-of-the-art Mammography

* Cardiac Rehabilitation Program established, new equipment and facilities


* 24-hour physician coverage in-house

* New Physician Office Building to be completed in 1987

* Ambulatory Surgical Unit

* Argon Laser for eye surgery

* Densitometer, equipment that diagnoses osteoporosis in women


* CO2 laser purchased


From 1989 to the present, CCGH has been planning and implementing Phase I of an ambitious constructionand renovation program which has included purchasing an unprecedented amount of new equipment and providing a host of new services.


* Ultramark 9 Ultrasound System purchased

* New Parking Lot opens

* YAG Laser purchased

* New Mammography Unit installed

* Capital Campaign begins

* Two EKG machines installed, improvingtesting efficiency


* CCGH goes "smoke-free"

* CCGH employees pledge $105,000 to Capital Campaign

* Seimens C-Arm radiographic unit purchased for OR

* Toshiba Radiographic/Fluoroscopic General Purpose Diagnostic Imaging Room installed

* MRI services begin

* Lithotripsy Services added

* Phaco emulsification (newest form of cataract surgery) added

* Occupational Therapy service added

* Births up 60 percent since 1989; three new obstetricians on staff

* Laparoscopic cholecystectomy procedure being done at CCGH (removal of gallstones with small incisions)

* Renovations in Emergency Department waiting/triage area

* Carroll County Dialysis Facility opens and additional kidney dialysis units available at CCGH

* Community Phase of Capital Campaign begins

* New Pastoral Care Program initiated

* Telemetry Nursing Station and 2nd floor waitingarea completed

* Waiting area renovations in EKG area completed

* PCA pumps now available (computerized pain control pumps)

* Carroll County Sports Medicine Center opens

* Carroll County Center for Pain Management opens

* Mayo Clinic Medical Laboratory is CCGH's new reference laboratory


* Carroll Infusion Pharmacy begins providing services

* Installation of HBO computer system begins, Phase I

* Capital Campaign announces $3,815,370 raised

* Med-Care and CCGH joint venture

* Special Diagnostic Imaging area completed

* New SPECT Camera installed

* CCGH adds 10 beds, bringing total to 128

* OB House Physician Program begins, 24-hour coverage

* Lobby renovation completed

* 20-bed Psych Unit opens at CCGH, bringing Hospital total to 148 beds

* Newly renovated ambulatory surgery center opens, including minor surgery and eye laser rooms

* Cardiac Catheterization and Angiography Laboratories constructed

* October 1, 1991, 30th anniversary


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