Westminster West Welcomes Councilman

October 27, 1991|By Daniel P. Clemens Jr. | Daniel P. Clemens Jr.,Staff writer

WESTMINSTER — Kenneth A. Yowan has been a member of the City Council since May.

But he became a citizen of Westminster only a couple of weeks ago.

Could it be that Yowan failed to meet the residency requirement for council candidates?

No, because the Westminster that made him an honorary citizen is located in Orange County, Calif., just south ofLos Angeles.

The 48-year-old Yowan visited Westminster, Maryland's "sister city" to the west, during a recent business trip to the LosAngeles area. A senior staff physicist at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Yowan also sat in on a meeting of the California community's City Council.

Because he was away, Yowan was absent at the Sept. 23 council meeting in Westminster, Carroll County.

In case anybody wondered about his whereabouts, Yowan assured his Maryland colleagues that his appearance at the California meetingwas recorded dutifully in the minutes.

"At least it proves I was there," Yowan quipped.

Actually, Yowan brought back copies of the agenda and and other materials from the meeting in California to share with his fellow council members.

He also returned with T-shirts -- emblazoned with "I love the City of Westminster" -- and pins for his colleagues, courtesy of administrators in the sister city.

The visit to Orange County was a reciprocation, of sorts.

In June, JoyL. Neugebauer, mayor of Westminster, Calif., and Councilman Frank Fry dropped in at a meeting of Yowan and company. The Californians stopped in town during a trip to Emmitsburg, Frederick County, where theyattended a conference.

Though his visit to the California city was enjoyable and edifying, Yowan said there's at least one reason he would've rather been at the meeting here in Carroll instead.

His review of minutes from that meeting show his colleagues dealt with a light agenda and adjourned after about an hour.

In California?

"Iwas there about 4 1/2 hours," he said.

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