Hands Off The Police

Readers write

October 27, 1991

From: Joseph R. Levesque

Chairman, Executive Board

County Police

Community Relation Council

How best to handlethe county's $8 million budget deficit has prompted a number of well-intentioned suggestions based on the assumption that all of the tasks performed by those on the county payroll are of equal importance.

If the tasks performed are considered equal, then employees performing the tasks must be considered as equal in importance and thus entitled to equal treatment in terms of layoffs, furloughs or other personnel actions.

But all county functions are not of equal importance. Considerations of public safety should always take precedence over considerations of, say, public recreation. Alarming increases in crime and illegal drug activity in this county also compel the conclusionthat this is not the time to reduce the effectiveness of the county Police Department.

Speaking for members of the four Police Community Relations Councils, which have organized to promote closer and more cooperative relationships between the citizens and the police, we fully support Chief Russell and all the dedicated men and women of thedepartment. We urge County Executive Neall to avoid actions which will to any degree degrade the ability of the department to carry out its mission of public safety.


From: Rita Tate


The Tim McMullen Field House might just be a lockerroom with a few coaches' offices inside, but it's a sorely needed facility at Broadneck High School. All jokes aside, Mr. O'Malley, it was Tim McMullen's and Art Tate's idea to erect this structure so athletes could find room to shower and dress, rather than continue to do so in the high school halls or in a rented, unheated trailer.

If Anne Arundel County had built a high school of sufficient size, this would have never been necessary. Moreover, the county did not supply one dollar toward the field house construction. It was done with booster club funds and generous private donations. The builder gave his company's time and services for free. The facility was built at cost.

I think all those in this project should be commended for their

outstanding efforts. After all, how many other county schools can boast of such fine community support?

So if the booster's club decidesto dedicate its new building to a man who's admired, appreciated andrespected, it seems callous to make fun of sentiment that comes fromthe heart!


From: Mary Woody-Passery


Regarding the furor over the noise and disruption associated with BWI air traffic, the homeowners should have been made aware of that problem at the time of purchase.

However, before we purchased our Pasadena home in 1988, that was one of our major concerns. We were told that air traffic over our home was minimal. This has proven true until recently.

After the large monetary settlement with the other group of BWI neighbors, air traffic and noise markedly increased over our area. Please don't think, BWI, that we will tolerate the airtraffic noise, pollution and disruption any better than the neighborhood that just won the judgment against you!

Rerouting the problemwill only create more suits against you.

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