At Severn, Schorrecks Create A Feeling Of Deja Vu

Field Hockey Family Covers Fan, Coach And Player

October 25, 1991|By Lem Satterfield | Lem Satterfield,Staff Writer

For former field hockey player Lolly Schorreck, this fall has been like enjoying her childhood all over again.

Her oldest daughter, Cathy, 24, is in her first season as head coach of Severn's field hockey team. The metro area's fifth-ranked Admirals are 10-1-1 overall and5-1-1 in the Association of Independent Schools division.

Cathy's star player is her sister, 16-year-old Anne, a senior wholeads the team with 11 goals and two assists from the same left inner position played by Cathy and Lolly before her.

Lolly, 53, now teaches science at Severn Middle School. But she was once an excellent left inner, playing for Baltimore's Friends School in the mid-50s andlater for Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts.

"That we've played the same positions is really odd. Maybe it's in the seventh chromosome or something," Lolly said. "But there was certainly no pressurefrom me. I guess that's just the way things landed."

Lolly remembers the special feeling she got when she watched Cathy's first game in an Admirals' uniform -- and it was against her high school alma mater.

"I watched Cathy play for the first time against my old schoolon Friends' field," Lolly said. "It was eerie, watching my child enjoy the same thing, playing the same position I did, and on the same field. I had to go on the other side of the field, away from everyone else to enjoy it."

Anne was there, too, although she wasn't as enthused about the game back then.

"I was only 7 when Cathy was 15, so I went to all of her games, but I didn't really pay attention all the time," she said.

She does now.

"She's (Cathy) always tellingme about the teams she's played and the games they won. It's an exciting tradition to be a part of and the stories inspire me," said Anne.

"Some people might be skeptical about her being able to coach me. And we've had our quarrels. But I respect her teachings."

Their sibling rivalry and their player-coach relationship are tempered by Cathy's mothering instincts.

"My parents were divorced when I was 12, so I sort of took on a lot with Anne," said Cathy, who graduated from Severn in 1985 and from Baltimore's Loyola College in 1989. She works as a substitute teacher.

Said Anne: "A lot of times, we're like sister-sister, but sometimes I can confide in her like a mother --like what to do or what not to do in certain situations."

But Cathy counters: "Don't get me wrong, we're extremely competitive with each other across the board in all of the sports we'veplayed. And it doesn't end on the field."

As Cathy did, Anne also plays basketball and lacrosse. "She's a better student," said Cathy of Anne, who carries a 3.5 grade-point average and aspires to attend schools like Dartmouth or Princeton universities.

As players, the two are like opposite sides of a coin.

Cathy, at 5-feet-5, was speedy, instinctual and rugged. Anne, 5-1, 115 pounds, relies on finesse.

"Our physicalstatures are completely different. I was a runner. I'd carry the ball more up the sides and take on the defense," said Cathy.

"She's athinker. Her moves are calculated. She's sure of where she should bewhen she's away from the ball. She's got a great game sense."

Both Lolly and ex-husband Henry Schorreck, 54 -- a former three-sport athlete -- support their daughters at games.

"It's important to haveboth caring parents there," Lolly said.

And, as always, she livesfor watching her daughters play.

"We've always liked doing thingstogether," said Lolly. Like the time when the three of them went sleigh riding down a hill on Woodside Road in Baltimore's Ten Hills community.

"That's the area I grew up in and it was the same hill I played on as a child. Cathy was about 11 and I guess Anne was 3."

Tomorrow, her daughters will try to derail fourth-ranked rival St. Mary's (13-1-1) at the Admirals' Homecoming.

Lolly hopes Anne scores the game-winning goal, as Cathy once did against the Saints years ago.

"I just enjoy watching them have fun," said Lolly. "Of course, it's always nice to feel like you're going back."

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