Though Twice A Hero, Bellman Carries On

October 25, 1991

For 20 years, Rosy has lugged guests' baggage down the hall, up the elevator and into the hotel rooms at the Annapolis Marriott -- with one hand and a hook.

Bellman Sterling Roosevelt lost his left hand in 1964 rescuing a woman trapped in a car under a live power wire. Hecarries scars from the voltage he received pulling the woman to safety, skin grafts from his hip onto his right hand and a ring-shaped scar from burns on his head.

To the dozens of hotel employees and guests, however, Roosevelt is far more than a handicapped worker.

"He's very friendly, very nice," says Mandy Sipagan, another bellman at the hotel.

"He knows most of the guests who come back, and everybody knows him. He always tells me jokes when we're not busy."

Last year, Roosevelt rescued asecond woman, an Annapolis resident whose bicycle slid into the water one icy afternoon. Outside picking up baggage, Rosy heard her criesfor help and pulled her to safety.

Yesterday, the hotel honored him by dedicating a suite in his name. Another longtime worker, Emil Nobs of Annapolis, also was honored with a garden and board room dedicated in his name.

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