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October 23, 1991

From: Barbara Myers

Glen Burnie

The recent publicity concerning several Anne Arundel County students who missed some classes and high school soccer practice to attendthe Washington Area Girls Soccer Tournament held last weekend in Virginia, and have been punished for doing so, has prompted my response.

As the parent of an Anne Arundel County student/athlete who received a generous athletic scholarship to one of the finest universitiesin the country through her soccer abilities, I would like to state that my daughter did not accomplish this feat through high school soccer, but through her association with club soccer in the WAGS (Washington Area Girls Soccer) League and participation in the tournament in question.

This is the most prestigious soccer tournament in this area and perhaps in the country. Many of the nation's best colleges send representatives to this tournament to scout players for their college teams. Many athletes are recruited because of this opportunity toshow their skills, including my daughter.

Colleges can't send scouts to visit all high schools in the country to observe prospective players, but they show up in large numbers at this and similar tournaments. High school soccer just cannot offer players this kind of exposure.

The athletes who attend this tournament are some of the finest in the county, and many of them will be offered scholarships for college through their efforts last weekend. I find it ludicrous that our school system would choose to ban them from playing in their high school games, and possibly further punish them and their school teams,because they are good enough to participate in the WAGS tournament.

I think it is high time our county borrows a chapter from Howard County's book in dealing with this type of situation, and revise the rules to allow our athletes to attend this valuable tournament. These athletes have given much time and energy to pursuing their soccer careers, have definitely earned the right to be considered by colleges for these scholarships.

We should encourage and praise this pursuit-- not punish the participants. These students should have the support of their high school coaches, teachers, principals and administration!


From: Rick Pyer


"BWI neighbors say jury award comes as letdown" (Anne Arundel County Sun, Oct. 10, 1991).

As I read this article in The Anne Arundel County Sun section of Thursday's morning Sun, I was both shocked and amazed.Shocked at the fact that so ludicrous a lawsuit ever made it to court, and amazed that a jury could be convinced that any compensation (let alone $100,000) is warranted.

Was the group that brought the suit not aware that they were moving close to an airport when they purchased their homes? I doubt seriously that any of the participants in this farce have been residing near the airport since 1949, the year the airport was built. If any were, then perhaps they have been inconvenienced. Anyone who has moved to a home in the airport area since 1950 has absolutely no grounds for complaint.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that airports generate a certain amount of noise and traffic congestion. It is for this very reason that property valuesin the vicinity of an airport will be somewhat "depressed" when compared to similar homes in different areas. I am not a real estate expert, but I doubt that the value of any homes may just have not increased in value as much as their owners hoped that they would. Let us notlose sight of the fact that the homes were purchased at a relative "discount" to begin with because of their location. The same home in another area of the county would cost considerably more.

Perhaps the biggest outrage to come from this asinine award is the effect that it will have on our already strained state budget. As state employeesare losing their jobs due to lack of funds, an additional $100,000 will now be taken from the treasury to pay this totally unnecessary award. The related costs of lawyer and court fees are also considerable.

It is time that people take responsibility for their own actionsand decisions. If living near BWI Airport is such an inconvenience, these people have themselves to blame, not the state of Maryland.

Ihave a big problem with my hard earned tax dollars going to a bunch of crybabies who used poor judgment when they purchased their homes. Why do the taxpayers of Maryland have to pay for someone's perceived inconvenience? If living near the airport is so horrible, I suggest that they pack up and move.


From: John S. Pantelides

Management and Sales

Cromwell Fountain

I was disappointedthat your staff writer JoAnna Daemmrich did not question me regarding regarding the allegations which Ms. Lois Miller brought up in the Oct. 11 Omni House hearing before Judge Marvin J. Garbis ("Omni House seeks damage from condo developer") which appeared in the October 13,1991 Anne Arundel County Sun issue.

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