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October 23, 1991

From: Martha J. Weingarten


Many thanks for letting the public know that our Christian Science Monitor newspaper box will be moved down the street. In the meantime, this international daily newspaper remains for sale inside the Christian Science Reading Room on Main Street.

The Historic District Commission's decision in our case was not a hasty one. Our case was under review from February to September, while the issue of placement of all newsboxes on Main Street was under consideration. We very muchappreciated that the commission patiently and earnestly listened to our case, even though they did not feel an exception was in order.

Having driven through Ellicott City weekly for the past 20 years, I have only praise for the improvements which have occurred under the Historic District Commission's careful eyes.


From: Robert M. Donohue

Ellicott City

Much already has been said and written about the proposed rezoning of the Waverly Woods project in Marriottsville. As president of Maple Glen Homeowners Association and the residents of Maplewood Drive, representing more than 74 households in Ellicott City, I am writing to express our united opposition to the proposed rezoning of 682 acres from "R" (one house per three acres) to a variety of zoning designations to construct a mixed-use center. On the other hand, we would also like to express support for development on this parcel utilizing the existing three-acre zoning.

We do not want the existing roadways -- specifically Route 99 and Marriottsville Road -- to be widened and still full as a result of too much traffic. Just the threat of widening Route 99 is having a detrimental affect on sales and values of homes located feet from theroadway.

Also, with Waverly Elementary School and all other area public schools already overcrowded, we believe it is sheer lunacy to think these new homes will not add to the overcrowding. We also have found that virtually no support exists in other nearby communities that will be affected by this development. The only support for this development comes from those who have a direct or indirect financial interest in Waverly Woods.

The latest report on the county's road system states that road construction costs will triple each year for atleast the next 17 years when compared to current spending. And this amount does not include the road improvements for Waverly Woods. Are we going to start to grow money trees to pay for this? We already live in "Tax Hell."

One of the most difficult things that we have trouble understanding is why a similar rezoning request was denied by the Howard County Council in 1989, just two years ago, on the same landparcel at almost half its current size. The reason for the rezoning denial seems to be there would be too much traffic and overload on public services. What has changed from just two years ago??

Many of our residents, including myself, have joined CARE (Citizens Allied for Rational Expansion) to fight this insane development and future developments like this one. We believe that this organization has the community's best interest in mind, and not developer greed and further destruction of our quality of life.

We encourage all concerned citizens to join CARE as we are doing and fight rezoning in your neighborhood. This issue is just not an Ellicott City problem, but a countywide problem.

If this rezoning is approved by the County Council and this site plan is developed, you can count on a citizen backlash like never before in this county.

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