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October 23, 1991

In defense of the Howard County sheriff

We write in response to an article in The Evening Sun on Sept. 16 by Norris P. West, concerning the present administration of the Howard County sheriff's office, especially the hiring practices of Sheriff Michael A. Chiuchiolo.

We feel that the article conveyed the feelings of a small percentage of the personnel and certainly does not reflect the opinions of the majority in the sheriff's office. It appears that Mr. West chose to exclude any favorable comments that were made.

There are 24 sworn personnel in the sheriff's office, including the sheriff and chief deputy. Six are "double-dippers": the sheriff, chief deputy, two deputies hired by this administration, and two deputies hired by the previous administration. Of the remianing 18 deputies, six have prior police experience.

The courthouse security personnel under the sheriff's office and have a staff of eight. One was hired by this administration with prior police experience, and four "double-dippers" were hired by the previous administration. This office, like many other sheriff's offices in the state, tries to hire experienced individuals, and time lost to the department to send these individuals to a police academy.

The sheriff of Howard County is an elected official, and the sworn personnel of this agency do not fall under the merit system. Like it or not, the sheriff is responsible for filling the vacancies that exist from wherever he deems necessary, as long as those individual, from within the ranks, to the No. 3 position in

this agency.

Michael Ensko

The writer is a deputy sheriff in Howard County; 22 others signed this letter.

Hill's allegations

While rape is generally a case of a man assaulting a woman, sexual harassment can happen both ways. If, for example, a woman with more ambition than ability does not get the promotion she covets, she can harass and even blackmail her superior, threatening to besmirch his reputation. The two cases the world witnessed last week show how effective this can be.

Yes, there is sexual harassment in the workplace, and it should be prevented by all practical means. But what about women who strut around in the workplace in hot pants, miniskirts and with their breasts half-exposed?

The sordid affair of last week will make men more careful about what they say to women co-workers. But to a much greater degree, it will poison the working relationship between men and women and will add another nail in the coffin of the United States as a great nation.

Hans D. Heyck


Female hypocrisy

Few work places are without single or once-married women who live with a man for some time, then dump him for another. These kinds of women try to make their co-workers believe they are morally unimpeachable - and they act that way.

Let some decent, well-meaning guy tell one of them a cute joke with sexual overtones (a joke that could be told on TV or radio), and they'll head for the personnel office to complain of sexual harassment and try to have him fired. What hypocrisy!

Ray Benton


A new governor

What Maryland needs is a new "spit and polish" governor ` a person with a whole lot less spit and a whole lot more polish would be a welcome and needed change.

Ronald L. Dowling


Presumed innocent

Your paper has become increasingly liberal since I began reading it round 1980. Your treatment of Judge Clarence Thomas during the Senate hearings Part II only reinforced by view. For a newspaper to cry for justice and equal treatment and then to omit any articles in favor of Judge Thomas is a blatant disregard of your charter.

Your editorial staff forgot one of the cornerstones of our democracy ` even my 10-year-old daughter brought it up - which is "innocent until proven guilty" and benefit of the doubt. After the final Sunday's testimony, any legitimate doubt had to be given to Judge Thomas.

Unfortunately, the issue of the weekend became not whether Clarence Thomas was guilty of sexual harassment (liberals and Democrats assumed his guilt because he was accused), but the seriousness of a sexual harassment charge.

My children watched some the weekend's proceedings and part of the Senate vote. Please answer my daughter's question: If Thomas is innocent until proven guity, why are they voting

against him?

Len E. Docimo


Enough Israeli aid

How refreshing to read the letters of William Hughes and Neil B. Moores (Forum, Oct. 3) in defense of America as the Likud Party of Israel wipes up the floor with us politically.

It is maddening to have people respond as though [U.S. aid to Israel] really doesn't matter. Isn't anyone in Washington listening or caring? Surely these officials will be blessed as they stand guard and protect the American legacy.

E.K.S. Judge


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