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October 22, 1991

Taxpayers foot bill

* I am writing in response to Ken Rosenthal's column of Oct. 4. How dare he say that the new stadium at Camden Yards was built with no expense to the taxpayer? Anyone who ever purchased a lottery ticket helped pay for the stadium.

So let's say the stadium, per se, is not responsible for the debt the state is in. What about the State Highway Administration? What about all the new roads and the light-rail system being built to accommodate the traffic to the new stadium? At a time when state troopers are being fired, and everyone is being forced to make cuts, the State Highway Administration is working overtime. Why? It couldn't possible be so that everything will be in tip-top shape for Opening Day of the 1992 baseball season, could it? I do believe my tax dollars are paying for these roads and the light-rail system, which conveniently stops right in front of the new stadium.

I'm sorry, but if the state can sell revenue bonds and hold special lotteries to finance this stadium, then the same thing certainly could have been done to finance our state troopers, medivacs and other state agencies, such as the department of social services and the sexual assault recovery centers. At a time when our education system is going down the tubes, there's no TTC question that some of that money should have been directed to the department of education.

If the owners of these teams want new stadiums, then let them foot the bill. Then we wouldn't always have the threat of them taking their teams out of town. The stadium was built for the comfort and convenience of Gov. Schaefer and reporters like Mr. Rosenthal. The majority of citizens didn't want it.

Mr. Rosenthal talks about long-range effects. Well, what good does that do today for the families of all these people losing their jobs? How are these people going to survive without their medical benefits? What about the safety of the citizens today? Please let us get our priorities in order. We may have a new stadium, but regardless of what you say, the end result is that a lot of people are going to suffer because of it.

M.J. Peisinger


O's forgotten man

* The special issue of the Oriole Farewell to Memorial Stadium was excellent. The articles were heart-warming and the photos speak for themselves. The section that addressed all the "Lasts" at 33rd Street is the reason I'm writing this letter. What Oriole drove in the last run at Memorial Stadium? As usual, this player has been overlooked, underrated and is the best-kept secret in the Oriole organization. The answer: Joe Orsulak.

I am aware that he is mentioned as the last Oriole to be ejected from a game, but I hardly think that this is the way he would like to go down in the local record book. The press, as well as the Birds' front office, made a bigger deal this year out of a Double A pitcher with an 8.00 earned run average than they did about the most consistent player in the organization the last few years.

I feel compelled to write this in hopes that, in the future, Joe Orsulak gets more of the credit he deserves. Generally speaking, you sports journalists do a fine job: Just keep your eyes open to No. 6 a little more. We fans like to read about our players!

Marylou F. Martins

Severna Park

Crow is on menu

* Cal Ripken Jr. batted over .300 the second half of the season and continued playing every game. For the past five years, it seemed that 90 percent of the writers and commentators would frequently inform the public that Cal's playing streak was the cause of a hitting decline. This year one writer wrote one line in the manner of a passing thought about Cal's success despite the streak.

What happened to the writers who are so skilled in out-managing the manger and out-playing the players? Are they all waiting on some negative occurrence? Or are they a group of frustrated, underachieving athletes who do not understand that a degree in journalism does not automatically include a degree in psychology?

John D. DuBree



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