NFL offers revenue share for labor deal

October 22, 1991

The NFL is offering its players 56 percent of designated gross revenues in return for an eight-year collective bargaining agreement aimed at bringing labor peace to the league for the first time since 1987.

According to the Boston Globe, the NFL owners also are proposing:

* That the college draft be retained for an additional 13 years (the current draft is due to expire in 1992).

* A limited plan of free agency, under which some players would be free at the end of three years, depending upon how much money they were making, with the key being that a player who is not making at least $1 million after six years becomes an unrestricted free agent.

* A salary cap that would be set by taking 56 percent of the designated gross revenue in the league and dividing it by the number of teams; the maximum any team would be asked to pay would be 60 percent of its gross, the minimum 50 percent.

* COLTS: Two Indianapolis players were arrested early yesterday on firearms and alcohol charges, police said. Nose tackle Tony Siragusa was arrested on charges of possession of a firearm without a permit and running back Tim Manoa was arrested on a charge of public intoxication, said Sgt. Randall West of the Indianapolis Police Department.

* BEARS: The NFL has fined, but not suspended, place-kicker Kevin Butler for a drunken-driving offense, the league said.

Butler pleaded guilty to speeding and drunken-driving charges after his arrest Aug. 6, 1991, near his suburban Chicago home.

* BENGALS: Cornerback Lewis Billups did not make the trip to Buffalo for last night's game. If reports are confirmed that he injured his hand in a fight, he won't be paid for the game.

* DOLPHINS: Sammie Smith, distraught that he dropped the ball a day earlier, dropped out of sight.

Smith failed to show for Miami's standard day-after-the-game light workout. He apparently couldn't bear to face teammates after fumbling at the goal line for the second consecutive week, in the final minutes of Miami's 17-13 loss to Houston.

The running back's absence was not a surprise. After the game, he told several people -- but not coach Don Shula -- that he was going to take some time off.

* SAINTS: Inside linebacker Vaughan Johnson underwent tests to determine the severity of an injury he sustained to his left knee in New Orleans' 23-7 win over Tampa Bay.

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