3 Men Hold Up Store In Glen Burnie Friday

Police beat

October 22, 1991

Three men, one armed with a pipe, robbed a Glen Burnie bed store Friday afternoon.

Police said a man walked into the Bedding Barn store in the unit block of Ordnance Road at about 12:30 p.m. and asked tosee some beds. A few minutes later, two other men walked into the store and asked to see some headboards.

One man then announced a hold-up. The robber had what looked likea gun sticking out of his jacket, police said.

After the clerk handed over money from the register and his wallet, the men asked for money from the safe. While walking to the back of the store, they ran into another employee just arriving for work, police said.

The robbers demanded money from him, but he claimed not to have any. The three robbers then left the store.

When police arrived, they searchedthe trash bin outside and found a pipe that had been painted black. A wooden handle had been attached to it with black electrical tape, police said.

Police described the first robber as black, about 25 years old, weighing 155 pounds and wearing dark clothing. The second robber was described as black, about 5-foot-10 and also wearing dark clothing. The third robber was black, about 5-foot-5 with a stocky build and wearing dark clothing.


AWest River man was charged with possession of marijuana after policestopped him in South County Friday.

Police said Alfred Charles Scuderi Jr., of the 5100 block of Chalk Point Road, was driving his 1986 Ford truck on Route 258 when an officer stopped him for suspected drunken driving.

The officer searched the car and found a pipe withmarijuana residue on it. After searching Scuderi at the district station, a small bag of marijuana was found in his pockets, police said.

Police confiscated the drugs and $337 from Scuderi.


A Glen Burnie man was charged with possession of crack cocaine after officers said they saw him with the drugThursday in the Valley Brook apartment complex.

An officer on patrol reportedly saw two men walk along Faywood Drive and then stop to talk to two other men in a truck. When they saw the officer, they started walking.

The officer, who saw one of the men standing betweentwo parked cars on Brutton Drive, and pouring beer out of a can. He began talking to the man and told the man to leave the area.

Afterthe man left, the officer found a small piece of paper folded up andstuck under a tire of a car. Inside the paper were two rocks of crack, police said.

Andre Raymond Brown, 22, of the 8100 block Harold Court, was found in the hallway of an apartment building. He was brought to Northern District station to be charged.


A pregnant Glen Burnie woman told police a man beat her with a cane Thursday when she asked to use his phone.

The womantold police she knocked on her neighbor's door in the unit block of McGuirk Drive at about 11:45 p.m. and asked to use his phone. The managreed, but started to beat her on the back with his cane while she was on the phone.

The woman left the home and called police.

Albert Sherwood Parrill, 54, was charged with battery with a deadly weapon, police said.

*The following break-ins have been reported to county police:

Brooklyn Park:

500 block of Matthews Avenue: Oct.18, entry gained through the door. Money taken. Total loss: $800.

200 block of W. Meadow Road: Oct. 12, entry gained through the door.Television and stereo taken. Total loss: $600.

5500 block of Moore Street: Oct. 14, entry gained through the door. Purse and money taken. Total loss: $70.

Glen Burnie:

400 block of Glen Mar Road: Oct. 18. Jewelry taken. Total loss: $1,500.

700 block of Aquahart Road: Oct. 14, entry gained through the door. Money and videocassette recorder taken. Total loss: unknown.


7000 block of Baltimore-Annapolis Boulevard: Oct. 19, entry gained through the door.Nothing taken.


1900 block of Hilltop Road: Oct. 20, entry gained through the door. Tools and lawn equipment taken. Total loss: Unknown.

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