CBS addresses serious issues in special targeted for children The show deals with AIDS, drug abuse and driving under the influence.

October 22, 1991|By Knight-Ridder News Service

There's no reason why special movies about socio-tragic issues should be limited to Whatever Night Movies. What about kids? Today's "CBS Schoolbreak Special" (4 p.m., Channel 11) deals with AIDS, drug abuse and driving under the influence, all in just one quick hour.

In "Dedicated to the One I Love," tragedy strikes at a high school when one of its more popular students, Ron (Joey Sciacca) is killed in an automobile accident. His ex-girlfriend, Amy (Lisa Dean Ryan of "Doogie Howser, M.D."), wants to dedicate the yearbook to Ron.

Facts unfold: Ron was a drug user. Ron was messed up when the car wrecked.

More facts unfold: Ron had contracted the AIDS virus from a dirty needle.

A debate rages at school. Is this the kind of guy we want gracing the frontispiece of the yearbook?

More facts: Amy had had sex with Ron. And she tests HIV positive.

Some might argue that childhood is abridged enough as it is, and shows like this just make it even more so. But there's another argument that this is responsible TV; what's important is that parents sit down with their kids, watch the show and have a mature conversation afterward.

Whether you close your eyes, literally, to these issues, or meet them head on, is up to each parent.

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