Buy Irsay out and move ColtsI have the perfect solution...


October 20, 1991

Buy Irsay out and move Colts

I have the perfect solution for the NFL's upcoming decision over which cities get the new expansion teams.

Everyone in Indianapolis must be thoroughly disgusted with the Irsay-owned Colts and must realize the Colts will always be a doormat as long as an Irsay owns them. Attendance and support are sure to flounder.

Irsay can't move the Colts again. What city would take Irsay? Even if one would, the NFL must be so thoroughly embarrassed by him by now that they wouldn't let him move again. Even Irsay probably realizes this.

The perfect way out for all parties is for Irsay to set a fair market price and offer the Colts for sale to any of the Baltimore expansion groups. Baltimore would get back the Colts without Irsay. Indianapolis would, in turn, be awarded one of the expansion teams, without Irsay and thus with some hope for the future. It would be the perfect settlement of an old grievance, would make both Baltimore and Indianapolis happy and would shed a happy glow on the NFL expansion process.

Blake Lewis

College Park

War dead dishonored

Which member of The Sun's staff thought it appropriate to display the dedication from the facade of Memorial Stadium over the baseball diamond on the back page of the special section about the closing of the stadium?

To dare compare the accomplishments of mostly overpaid ballplayers to the sacrifices of our service men and women who died so that we could live in a free society is a disgrace. Apologies are due to the surviving family members and friends of deceased military personnel.

And by the way, if the city's consultants think moving the urn to the new ballpark and planting a few daisies around it is a fitting memorial, they better go back to their drawing boards. The surviving veterans cannot stand still and accept such a dishonor to our war dead.

C.S. Hihn

Phoenix, Md.

Simply call it Oriole Park

In the late 1940s, my university Russian language professor, Mme. Boborykine, told our three-member class about her native St. Petersburg. One of the students reminded her that the city's name had been changed to Leningrad. Mme. Boborykine, a normally calm lady whose husband had been arrested by the Soviet secret police and never heard from again, bristled at the statement. She let us know that no matter what name those Bolshevik criminals had chosen, it was still St. Petersburg and would remain so long after those usurpers had passed from the scene. Unfortunately she did not live until 1991 to see her prophecy come true.

Now that Governor Schaefer and Eli Jacobs have conspired to anchor the popular Oriole Park name with the widely despised addition, Camden Yards, we should follow the example carried out by Mme. Boborykine. All newspaper, radio/TV sports writers and announcers should refer to the taxpayers' new stadium as simply Oriole Park and ignore the glamourless reminder of a bankrupt railroad freight yard. My expectation is that both Leningrad and Camden Yards will pass into well-deserved oblivion.

H.E. Victor


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