Northeastern keeps Towson State winless, 50-13

October 20, 1991|By Josie Karp | Josie Karp,Special to The Sun

BOSTON -- Optimism on the part of the Towson State football team would not have been unfounded heading into yesterday's game against Northeastern. The Huskies reminded Towson State of something it hadn't seen in a long time: a win.

The wineless Tigers' last victory came against Northeastern in -- the final game of the 1990 season. It would have been fitting for Towson State to end its losing streak against the Huskies.

But in what has become even more fitting for the Tigers, they fell behind early, gave up monstrous amounts of yardage, and came up short, 50-13. The defense, playing without starters Jared Freeze, James Dutton and Bill Fisher, gave up as many as 50 points for the third consecutive week. For the second week in a row, it yielded more than 570 yards of total offense.

This week, the big play proved to be the defense's undoing. Two Huskies quarterbacks used long strikes to score five touchdowns in the first half.

Starter Ralph Barone started things off for Northeastern, hitting Jeremy Gobel for a 48-yard gain that set up the Huskies' first score.

Next, Barone found tight end Scott Adams in the end zone on third-and-25 from the Towson 38.

Backup quarterback Byron Hurt came on after Barone had led the Huskies to their third touchdown. Hurt picked up 99 yards of his own in the first half, leading the team to two more


Barone came back to start the second half and, with 7 minutes, 10 seconds remaining in the third quarter, Northeastern had broken its single-game passing record of 315 yards. The Huskies finished with 371 yards passing.

"We weren't overly concerned with their passing offense," said Towson coach Phil Albert. "Barone and Hurt are both good DTC football players, but when you're not going well, like we're going, it dosen't take much to put you back in that state."

"We really got away from our plan," Albert said. "We brought Crowley in earlier than last week. Last week, we just tried to stay on course, and it resulted in 30 points. Whether you lose 55-30 or

50-13, it really dosen't make any difference."

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